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  1. David Huffman says:

    Had a hearing on August 31st, 2017 with this judge. He seemed to be a real nice judge didn’t down me or talk smart to me. I hope he make the right decision because am unable to work because of my health problems. I am in pain everyday and some days are worse. I wish I could have talked more about my health problems but once I get in front of someone I freeze up and don’t say much. I felt like I should have said more but my anxiety was bothering me that morning and I couldn’t think. I have a herniated disk in my neck a lot of bone spurs and I have a nerve touching my spine. I have high blood prssure, high cholestrol,have lower arthritis in my back followed with bad back spasms, I struggle with depression and sleep. I am on a cane due to my legs and feet hurt me. I can’t sit for periods on long time. My feet swell , have migraines everyday. There are more stuff that is wrong with me just to much to put on here..there is no way I could work ever again .so I hope this judge is fair and makes the right decision..

  2. Tomcat says:

    Just saw this judge on August 31 2017 hope he makes the right decision for me i,can’t work no more due to my health problems..

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