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  1. Fredericka Hughes says:

    I can only speak from my experience as each case is different. He was definitely a understanding judge and gave me the opportunity to explain myself. He showed compassion and made it much easier to get through the hearing. Thank you very much Judge Farrell, you made a difference.

  2. Joseph L Cornish says:

    Lowering his score


    i meant to give him one star

  4. Joseph L Cornish says:

    Judge farrell has no convcept of mental illness or what its like to go without income for 18 months while being didabled. Then he tells you thst you are not mentally disabled . Easy for soneone with a 163k yearly income to just shoot you to the side of the road like you are not trruthful
    I think you are biased and unfair

    Now go back to your 163K life

  5. pat says:

    Judge Farrell was very fair. I was expecting him to be intimidating. He made me feel very comfortable. After a 5yr process; I am glad it is over finally. Now just awaiting back payment.

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