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  1. I provide free consultations for appeals to the Appeals Council and Federal District Court. Dicus Disability LLC, 602-616-4396 dicusdisabilityllc.com

  2. Annette Montgomery says:

    Judge Gaffney was kind and very professional with me on my phone court hearing. Which was August 11, 2022. I received my fully favorable acceptance letter dated September 6, 2022. My backpay was deposited on September 22, 2022 to the wrong bank account. The representatives at the Social Security disability office both in California and Arizona are unprofessional and do not return phone calls. I still have not gotten my backpay check re-deposited. But I have received the last two months of monthly disability checks deposited into the correct account. It’s been over two months that Social Security disability has my $52,961.57. They are collecting interest on this money. It’s been sent through high-priority, it has been sent to supervisors, and yet I still do not have my money. You cannot talk to a manager you cannot talk to a supervisor so now I’m going through my senator here in the state of Arizona to see if she can get this pushed through.

    Judge was great and accurate
    SSDI is incompetent

  3. Bobby Myers says:

    Judge John Gaffney was very professional and treated me with respect. 2 and half months after my appeal hearing I was favorably approved with full SSDI benifits. I am now waiting on my decision letter to arrive.


  4. Gina Fletcher says:

    Hi judge Gaffney, Gina Fletcher. Applicant, again. I bessech you with all the humity I have to please assist me with a response that would help me live a life if quality. Preparing for back operatuin after two hip replacements is traumatizing.I have no income, no stable housing and on cane. I am still seeing psychiatrist as a result of my life being turned upside down. Disability would help me get an apartment, peace of mind and an environment to have providers come help me. Your decision will enhance my life. I’ve worked for 40 years but unable now. Plez help

  5. Gina Fletcher says:

    Plez, plez, plez help. Can’t work. Had both hips replaced and preparing for back surgery. No income. Saw judge on may 17, 2016. No response yet. Plez help me judge Gaffney

  6. Gina Fletcher says:

    Hi. I’m Gina Fletcher and I saw this judge on may 17, 2016. Waiting for outcome. After bilateral hip replacements, pending back operation and diagnosiss from OMH, I was told that I should get determination width n four months. Hope so. Having hard time.

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