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  1. Easter Smith says:

    I been through so much sickness since may 2012 on top of caring for sister with some of the same sickness who died like my and another sister had lumps in breast one sister had cancer all over body 6 months after a supposed benign mass removed, the other 2 and a half years after hers was removed then my mom died 2015 of breast cancer this is so hard for me can’t afford to get all medicine on the way losing ever thing including my thoughts my trip to ER the Dr told me my primary needed to get me help to get left breast evaluated. Since then having siezures


    I appeared before Judge Maclean on January 14th, 2014, and he was very prepared for my case. He was very considerate, and seemed understand my circumstances and my case very well. He is very fair in my opinion. I think he tries to always do what is right for the people. For this reason, I am writing this with hope that Judge Maclean will see this and hopefully, I will get my case handed to the UNDERWRITING DEPARTMENT. I really need your help Mr. Maclean, and I do hope that you will get them to work on my case very soon. I have been waiting, and I called the office today, but all I got was voice mail, and I left 3 messages with no return phone call, or reply. PLEASE HELP ME!! MY CAR WAS REPOSSESSED AND I AM ABOUT TO BECOME HOMELESS! I just don’t understand why this process is taking so very long to simply send over to the underwriters…PLEASE HE ME!!!

  3. Michael Smith says:

    I appeared before Judge Maclean last week. Judge Mac lean was extremely prepared for my hearing. He wasvery concerned, I felt, for my well being and that of my family. However my attorney, Mr. Shapiro of Herd and Smith, was in my opinion not prepared for the hearing. He failed to produce the pre trial brief requested by Judge Maclean,now a week out, after being given 30 days to complete the brief,my attorneyhas notified me that they have been given additional time to complete the brief and I should anticipate a 2 to 4 month wait before Mr. Maclean makes a final ruling in my case. I do not feel like this is at the Judges request. I believe it is in some way an attempt in the behalf if my attorney to draw out the decision in my case in an effort to increase their revenues received, as a % of my back pay. I don’t knowwhat to do I can barely put a meal together for my children and my psychological conditions continue to get worse. Judge Maclean in my opinion will not allow this if he knew the current temperature of my families financial conditions.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He is a great judge. What else could he be since he owns a horse named Paul Revere. He is good to his horse too.

  5. a judge says:

    Judge Maclean transferred to Savannah several yeats ago

  6. terry andaerson says:

    john h maclean is a good judge i listen to what you got to say. and if the medcail not right he send you to won of his doctors.i went in front of him a couple months ago and he a good judge .only dang i really dont care for he didnt ask me how long my kids been doing with out becuse of me that what really sad .but i was far and a good judge

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge Maclean transferred to Savannah ODAR several years ago.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you have notice that he is your judge, be sure to write a pre-hearing memorandum, which he especially appreciates. If it’s your first time before him, he may try to test a representative’s preparation. Overall, he is respectful to both representatives and claimants. He is always prepared for a hearing, always fair, and does his best to make the right call by applying the regulations the way they were intended. A lot of ALJs could learn a lot from Judge Maclean.

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