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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most judges are respectful of people appearing before them even if they know they are going to deny the claim. They recognize that the claimant is struggling with something that is at least severe enough that they feel it is disabling, and that whether it is or not, they are going through a tough time. NOT JUDGE METZ. At best, he isn’t hateful toward winning claimants; he is a monster toward those he plans to deny, and he does it with a huge smile on his face, like he truly enjoys brow-beating these people. I’m not the bleeding heart attorney type – I know when my clients have mediocre cases – Metz definitely denies legitimate claims more often and in the face of stronger evidence than most judges. I’m surprised to see his grant rate – I would expect it to be lower (even though I’m above it with him). I suspect he is granting some cases that should never make it through – otherwise, his grant rate should be about 10% lower. Word around the office is that he doesn’t read prehearing briefs so don’t bother. I submit them anyway just in case, but can say that it’s very unusual to hear him talk about the case as though he’s read it. Overall, the Indy ODAR office was definitely a better place without him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Metz does the questioning—-if it is a crappy case, he sure lets you know. Sounds like he is nice enough, kind of depends on the case as to how he acts.

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