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  1. Not a lazy Autistic person says:

    According to this judge Autism and it’s various co-morbidity is, and I directly quote “that’s just being lazy,” and that “just doing what he wants to”

    Seriously and ALJ thinks Autism is just laziness, and nothing more!

    Besides if anyone actually knows this person, lazy is not a word they would use to describe this individual.

    Is there a negative 5 star option? Of course that’s being Generous…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Judge is totally biased. He didn’t even look at the whole binder or case file. He blatantly ignored evidence which proves my disability. Social Security needs to out a stop to his abuse on the bench. I hope when he needs social security the judge will make him go through a;; the steps just like I am doing right now. Step 5: FEDERAL COURT!

    I have had to endure that which would try the patience of a Saint. I am fed up with the bs and I am tired of being beaten down by the Social Security Administration.

  3. Ula Staley says:

    I will not give ANY stars for this person,He didn’t follow directions of the courts in my case an 2 different times he Plainly stated “I don’t even know why you are even here.

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