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  1. Daniel says:

    Very rude and did not care about my health issues.

  2. Natalie McMillen says:

    This judge and his clerks mixed up my identity with someone else!! All they tell me is to appeal! Why should I have to appeal if they made a HUGE mistake??? If you don’t have a mental illness, you will after dealing with this office. And if you already have one, this inefficient office will make it 10 times worse!!! They fail to see the suffering they cause. Zero stars. If I could go negative, I would!!!

  3. John Doe says:

    This judge uses your past against you my wife suffers from a lot of mental problems she takes over 20 pills a day and she was honest with him about her past with alcohol abuse problem he denied her because of this he stated in his findings that she only suffers from her alcohol problem and her doctor is not creditable wtf is wrong with this quack John Porter how in the world did he get this job.my wife was approved on her social security at her very next hearing but this piece of shit should not be a judge I heard all about his past, you hurt my family and my children you almost made her lose her work credits she should have been receiving 1,700 a month instead she’s getting 1,100 I hope you get fired

  4. Jaclyn Evans says:

    The judge did not take into account what I had to say. He wad very rude. If I could give him a million 0 stars I would. He should be banned from being a judge altogether. Judges who preside overy mental health cases need to have a better understanding of what mental illnesses are and how it affects people in their day to day life instead of the bullshit that they say. Mental Illness not only affects that person but the people living with them spouse. Not everyone with mental illness is married to someone who has a mental illness and my spouse is one of them. He does not have any mental illness and is of a very high IQ. Me having a mental illness is at times hard for him to deal with but at the end of the day he is still there and not going anywhere. Just like for example someone with cancer that is something that is a cronic medical condition… mental health is the same way. Mental illness is where you mentally have a disease that you have good days and bad days and most of the time the bad days that you have inside of your head affects you negatively constantly 24/7. You have your ups and downs… but mostly downs. Mental illness is a disease that can not be seen that is why people who don’t have a mental illness judges people that do have a mental illness just like judge John Porter. I am using his name because I feel that he needs to be fired. I did everything that social security asked of me to and made sure he had everything he needed. I called all the time to make sure they had everything they needed. I also had doctors that said that I needed to stay on disability. I had mental health doctors who said that and he said what they said does not carry any weight… but instead get a job as a housekeeper which there are 20,000 jobs nationwide… or get a job as some kind of inspector where there are only 3,500 jobs nationwide. Get the **** out of here. If you are about to have this judge preside over your disability case I would automatically expect to be denied way before your court hearing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This man should not have a job that judges people illness, apparently knows nothing of mental illness. Defies what Doctors say.

  6. Bernette Moore says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    was respectful listened to everything i had to say. Explained everything

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    I had to call and ask for the Gentlemens name , He treated me fairly even though I didn’t have an attorney , he rescheduled the hearing and explained things to me , I thought he was fair and to the point , Alot of mix ups with me owning a business and income, Wow more questions concerning that than my actual health issuess So if you go alone be prepared to have tax records and earning statements.

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