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  1. Orlando Torres says:

    Thank you Judge for helping me in approving my cerebral palsy case I’m having issues with my lawyer Katherine Miller she still owns me $5,000.00 dollars she didn’t give me a receipt I told her to give me my documents of personal intake with my signature and an award letter of the $14,000.00 she owns me she paid me $9,000.00 so she pocketed $5,000.00 for lawyer fees and didn’t give me my stimulus package yet.

  2. nasser says:

    John rabuat disapporved me . I have fusion and fused together verterbrate and feet fused and problems hands grasb. Ankylosing spondylitis .I have two kids and a wife. He ruined my life and makes himself evils. Medication will crreate a goood verterbrate and fix them very soon this is his best answer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I requested that Judge Rabaut recuse himself from my client’s case. He called and berated me for requesting the personal appearance of the CE, which is allowed by law. I told him that he was acting inappropriately and requested on the phone that he recuse himself, which he verbally denied. So, then I wrote a letter requesting he recuse himself and submitted the letter via Electronic Records Express. I asked in my letter that he never call me again and that he instead send me any communications via writing.

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