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  1. Mitch Hoffmann says:

    John Loughlin is a blatant liar on this denial I just received. Judges like these get paid subsidies for denial of an actual disabled persons hearing, they just bide their time until another promotion. You’re evil, and your karma will catch up to you sooner than later, as far as you’re concerned about anyone, it’s non existent. That’s why you were placed in your position. You’ll award an alcohol disability, but deny someone who can barely walk. Fuck you Loughlin and your generations of liars and bigots that’ll take your place after you retire.

  2. Toni Kathleen cafiero says:

    Truly do not know how you sleep at night! I have been fighting for 6yrs now. My health took a turn and several injuries sustainable! You have some nerve! Saying I can’t work when every doctor says i can not! Shame on you!

  3. James, Esq. says:

    FIrst time w/ALJ via VTC. His #s are very low, 30.5% of cases heard to decision. Seriously! He made atty ask all Qs and he gave a palpable feeling that he didn’t want to be there that day, or hates his job, or hates his life in general. Claimant had a Fully Fav decision for SSI 9 years ago, but spouses earnings prevented benefits. Now in new case nothing has improved and claimant’s has strong medical source stmt from treating neurologist who has treated claimant for 10+ yrs. We’ll see??

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