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  1. Toni Kathleen cafiero says:

    Truly do not know how you sleep at night! I have been fighting for 6yrs now. My health took a turn and several injuries sustainable! You have some nerve! Saying I can’t work when every doctor says i can not! Shame on you!

  2. James, Esq. says:

    FIrst time w/ALJ via VTC. His #s are very low, 30.5% of cases heard to decision. Seriously! He made atty ask all Qs and he gave a palpable feeling that he didn’t want to be there that day, or hates his job, or hates his life in general. Claimant had a Fully Fav decision for SSI 9 years ago, but spouses earnings prevented benefits. Now in new case nothing has improved and claimant’s has strong medical source stmt from treating neurologist who has treated claimant for 10+ yrs. We’ll see??

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