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  1. Anonymous says:

    Had a hearing on October 8..have not gotten my decision yet but he was very fair and respectable.He listened and also wished me and my family the best of luck.Hoping that my medical records spoke for me I have been through alot the 10 years.

  2. Brenda Crawford says:

    this judge is so unfair with the health problems I have how can anybody work a job I’ve been working ever since I was 15 years old and only last year I hurt my lower back after filling up falling off the back of a golf cart just to add to the other health problems I have arthritis in both knees surgery on one knee surgery on left knee surgery on right Achilles and right knee messed up sometime my leg just gives out I’ve been working jobs all my life and now that I can’t work I’m denied for disability when some people have nothing wrong with them and they are allowed to draw disability and laugh about the fact when you can’t get yours some people have never even worked a job it’s not fair I don’t know what’s wrong with this world people that try to do right I always treated wrong I just want what I need to live in nothing more

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unfair judge. Twisted wording in medical documentation to give an unfavorable decision. That, and picked out what would be beneficial for a unfavorable decision. Didn’t even document anything favorable in my notice that any of my care providers documented. If you are an attorney, and you have the option to request an in person meeting with a law judge instead of meeting with this individual for a video hearing. I would highly recommend doing so. He isn’t fair, and will deny your client rather they are disabled or not. He will also grill your client, and treat them like a criminal for a situation they didn’t ask for. Stay away from this judge if you can. I should have.

  4. Brown says:

    Judge John Dowling as well as all the disability judges are just doing there job and if you have the medical records and open and honest you will get the approval. They are only following the guidelines they have to go by. My Mom been through this process and had been denied and it is heartbreaking when you honestly know that you are unable to work.. She had an attorney and unfortunaly she was of no help to my mother. Deadlines were not met and I as well as my Mother felt we had all the evidenve needed and the attorney told my mother to relax and that I was going to be approved. I asked but what if she is not approved in which she stated we would take it to another level. Several months passed and a denial was issued and need less to say she billed me and did not even offer to help appeal. Long sory short my mother wasnt prepared by the questions she was asked and when asked what she did all day she felt embarrassed to tell him she was ill so often and in bed 90 percent of the day so she said she watched a little tv and at the time I was only 13 and my Mom was afraid to lose me because i am all she has. That was the big mistake but I was just fine and worried about my Mother. I was hurt for her and I was just fine as I understood she was not in good shape at all. I was thankful I had my Grandpa close and he was always there for me at the drop of a pin. Mom was found able to work because of my past jobs and not telling about my actual limitations and how much she was struggling and she was always a hard worker but with her severe lung disorders as well as chronic pain and ongoing infections and dealing with sickness at least 3 times a week. I would ache for her because she reallly was so limited but would force herself to take a bath at least once a week and she could prepare small meals but some days she was so weak and lucky to make it to the bathroom without falling in which happen more than she says. John Dowling was such a great listener and she let him know the actual ability of what her day consisted of and finally recieved a fully favorable decison.. I believe if you are truely honest and disabled with medical evidence you will win. Thank you Judge Dowling for making my Mom feel comfortable at the hearing and you know your job well. My Mom said she didnt even break down and that made me smile becasue its depressing seeing her depressed and struggling. She is a Christian and she said she beleived she had the med evidence but you were the one that helped and God bless you and know that you are appeciated and without an attorney you stated she would be fine when she told you of her past experience. Thanks again. I honestly believe it that so many people are not deserving or looking for a free ride. Too many crazies and it makes me sick. Crazy people can work as I have seen some disabled suppposed to bes and its ruining for ones who do need.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seemed really fair and nice.. Haven’t got my decision yet but regardless the outcome he was respectful even wished me and my family best of luck!!!

  6. crazy ohio lady says:

    This man is brute because he reported that i was not disabled because I had a Facebook account and could use a computer how in the world did he know that and did he have a computer hacker to hack my Facebook account? not cool in my book, I am disabled, what right does he have to say that I am not,
    does he feel pain of every minute of his life like I do, has he been raped in a motel for 48 hours, I think not he has no idea of what I have been through, for gods sake i have ptsd because of it!! I had a good job before my rapes, abuse etc I have a college degree and I can’t get a job, at my age I should at least get ssi
    to help with my utility bills..Whatever, John, come rub my neck at night because i sure can’t afford a massage therapist,

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