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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for being fair & understanding.
    You were very diligent. Although it took 3 years it was worth the wait. My best regards Sir.

  2. Julia Moore says:

    How many weeks does it take after the hearing to hear your approved or not. I had judge lischak and he was very polite

  3. Tracy R says:

    Im waiting on a hearing now. I hope I have you. I spent 4 yrs on my 1st case w/o an attorney & now I’m starting all over again. This has been the most dragged out, stressful situation in my whole life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for a fullyfavorable..this has been a long battle for me..very nice judge.. Happy holidays..

  5. Prayingforfullyfavorable says:

    Fair, honest and not intimidating…. Although I haven’t received a decision yet…I trust your character and judgement as well as my attorney’s hard work….praying you will find fully favorable…your statistics show you are not trying to find what is favorable for SSA but what is true and fair for the cases you hear.

  6. Prayingforfullyfavorable... says:

    Waiting for a decision…7 weeks and counting… I hope you are enjoying vacation in Europe…you deserve the break for how much you work and the stress of your decisions and backlog you work under…I only pray your decision in my case considers my true disabilities and inability to be the person I was just a few short years ago…I NEED a favorable decision… Lord knows I would go back to work if my body would tolerate it 🙁 I just need to be able to care for my children and help my husband bear the financial responsibility of our home until I am well enough to return to work…which I am praying will happen sooner than later…

  7. Juanita boyette says:

    I wish I had u for my case ur a great judge I wish I had u for my son case lord Help us all. In this time of crisis God know Wat I’m going threw.

  8. Anonymous says:

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