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  1. Tarugo P says:

    Judge Prince is a man of great wisdom. He is kind, thorough, respectful and his demeanor confirms that his experience as an administrative judge.

  2. C. Glover says:

    I sat before Judge Prince today as a witness on behalf of my cousins disability case. His demeanor did not make me nervous or uncomfortable at all. Even though he had to ask the questions and be thorough I do believe he has a compassionate soul. At the end of the day I believe the Lord ordered our steps. And I must say it was a pleasure to meet him.

  3. Nancy C says:

    I was belittled by This judge. My hearing was done via video because I was in Kentucky.

    I can honestly say that Within the first few minutes of the hearing I felt I had no chance of winning. He was just going through the motions, but clearly had his mind made up even before I answered the the first few questions.

    This was not the worst part.

    During the disability and disclosure process you have to answer (honestly) all questions put to by your attorney. He asked if I did any drugs. I had back in my 20’s but not since.

    This judge actually said this question has nothing to do with your case, but I see here you did drugs at one time. He said the name of the drug and literally snickered and asked me why I did it and what it was like.

    I was in shock and felt like he used his POWER to make me reveal information that was clearly something he did not need for me admit on record. It’s bad enough to feel guilty about some decisions you made 30 years ago, but to have it brought out and put on record and feeling it was done clearly for his enjoyment was nothing short of horrendous for me. I walked out feeling humiliated and started crying immediately after as I walked out of the door.

    I received my judgement one week after the hearing. I am appealing his decision. It is my right to decline a video hearing, so I will never have to face John Prince again.

  4. dorothy hauser says:

    My husbands judge very nice calm and understood everything you said to him.
    Very respectful judge. His attorney told him he is a really great judge. And he was right.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He was genuinely compassionate, attentive, and it appeared that he wanted to do all he could to help disabled individuals.

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