2.3 based on 3 reviews


  1. Kristen Hollister says:

    Seems to have found religion in the current environment. Well prepared and understanding of counsel’s challenges in getting med records in the time of COVID. I prefer him over some of the other options.

  2. Noneya says:

    The above comment is 100% true. This judge will ignore 400 sick appointments and focus on a single well visit to deny you. My caretaker died a week before my hearing and he left me out to dry. I had 3 separate doctors cosign a medical opinion and this judge finds that unpersuasive – but two state medical consultants from the state who have never spoken to me, treated me or even met me – he thinks is more persuasive. Seeing how frequently he does this to others, may God have mercy on his soul. I have struggled so much and I pray he experiences the effect his decision had on my life when it’s time for his life review.

  3. Jessica says:

    He should be reviewed by a high upper management. He denied more disability cases. He disregard what make the rules of disability. If all medical proof is there by md he seem to disregard md input. He denied those who need care and put other at risk cause they can’t get the care.

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