5 based on 5 reviews


  1. Grant Guiter says:

    Pretty good guy on and off the field of law.

  2. Ben says:

    He not my dad

  3. Will mills says:

    He my dad

  4. Bart A. Nospmis says:

    When I first got into the court room I figured I would be scared by everything. I had never done no court stuff before. But Judge Mills made me feel right kindly. If you ever go in front of him you’ll see- he has these dimples on his face and a twinkle in his eye. I know he is gonna approve me. I think he even winked at me. He wears this big black robe thing but you can tell it’s all muscle under there. And none between his ears neither! He was sharp as a tack and nice to me even though I was more nervous than a long tail cat in a room full o rockin chairs. And I could tell- he is a REAL American. You know what I mean? God bless you Judge Mills and in peace may forever you reign.

  5. Amy says:

    Very polite,understanding and easy to talk to.He made it easy for me to understand the questions and paid attention to everything I said and was patient with me when it took me time to remember things.I expected to go in scared to death and was treated with respect and felt at ease.I don’t know what my verdict will be,hopefully god will be on my side and either way,he was a good judge!!

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