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  1. Stephanie says:

    I had my hearing on 03/16/21 and he changed the AOD and the VE said that there are no jobs I can do do you think that’s a good sign that I’ve won my case I’ve been trying for years now

  2. Ed Buchert says:

    These claims from Kenan occur on a cyclical basis – every 4 – 6 months and usually resolve with hospitalization for psychiatric reasons which was the basis of his disability.

  3. Kenan Bel Buchert Sr. says:

    Judge John Burgess was very fair to me and evaluated my situation after 3 years of being denied Amanda said I received my my back pay from the three years that I had spend the night which was a total of 54000 of $56,000 and I have never seen check my brother was givenFudicary Duty to over see my SSID money his name is Edward J Buchert 3rd my money is going to an account at Hancock Whitney Bank on Airline Hwy.in La. Both Edward and myself Live in Pass Christian Ms. ED is the primary holder of this account n as faras that’s concerned All these years I am unable to even know the account number much less how much of my SSID money is even available not to mention the fact that I have been told by Hancock Whitney n my brother that I am powerless to have knowledge of much less use these funds since the day of inception of said money’s!! Also I’ve only seen one annual stub in all these years n to my astonishment I’ve been being garnished $2600.00& change to my knowledge every year .I have been told by Ed that he is not aware of the garnished wages nor is he doing anything to rectify this situation!! The Honerable Judge John Burges specifically said to me n Ed that these Federal Dollars were to be visible to myself and only used for my own personal use.Please help me as I am living on $600 dollars per month since 2013 also I pay for my truck n lawnmower insurance an upkeep out of the said $600. And I wish to purchase a modest home that my fiance n I can live together in ..currently I’m the only person who is living with my 94yr old mother. I feel that I’m being denied the same opportunity other couples our age have the liberty of enjoying on a daily basis!I ask that you please help us out of this situation.! Respectfully Kenan Bel Buchert Sr. Thank U Your attention to this matter. God Bless You Your Honor

  4. ash says:

    Anyone can testify to this judge’s disposition?

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