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  1. Jamie Riddle says:

    I have been very honest with him about my injuries. I’ve given proof that I can’t do those jobs. But yet I keep getting denied my disability. I don’t know what else to do. I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. My depression keeps getting worse. I need some kind of positive outcome.

  2. Barry says:

    This is a very through Judge and one that will not beat around the bush. He will know the answer to the question before you answer, so you had better be honest. I think he is very well studied and a great reader of people. I think he has heard it all and probably seen it all too. I do not know the decision of my case yet but I will go ahead and say I am not sure there is a better Judge, if you want a fair shot. I think it is going to boil down to 2 or 3 things with this Judge, truth, credibility and evidence. Not necessarily in that order. You had better not lie because he will know. You had better be credible because you will be tested. Also, you had better have lots of evidence because he will not just give you a favorable decision without it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He is very professional respectful and very detailed. He will read every word of every file you submitted. Make sure you are prepared to answer every possible question because by the time he gets finished asking questions your lawyer will not have any to ask. Make sure your answers are consient with your records because he will call you on it if your answers do not match. IT IS OBVIOUS HE READS YOUR ENTIRE FILE BEFORE YOUR HEARING. KNOW YOUR ANSWERS BEFORE YOU GET THERE. He is a good ALJ in my opinion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Though I donot know the decision yet he was courteous professional and seemed to listen to me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge is not accurate, fair or even “objective.” He’s made several determinations in our case that are NOT the privilege nor RIGHT of an ALJ. He is NOT a doctor, nor can he say which Doctors have credibility or not. The bottom line is that this person WILL review your case FULLY before you set foot in the hearing room. He will disect your case after and pick apart, based on what we saw, from his own feelings/perceptions/opinions…none of which were truly and legally binding. In other words, John Daughtry treated me like I was a lying, manipulative faker. I hate to put it in the kinds of words, but if you get this judge, I would recommend having all of your doctors come to your hearings so he can tell THEM to their faces that their medical recommendations and diagnosis are “extremely pessimistic” like he said about all 7 of our doctors. He based his whole decision concurring with the SOCIAL SECURITY HIRED DOCTOR who spent all of 15 minutes examining me vs. my doctors who have examined me countless times over the last 7 years.

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