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  1. Apple says:

    I hear all these good reviews about this ALJ John Randolph Martin .This man has no compassion for children.I have a 17yr.old daughter that has a medical condition and he gave my daughter a unfavorable decision. This man is red necked ,cold hearted and cruel. I had my telephone Via phone call Sept.9th due to the coronovirus.My daughter has been DISABLED since birth. John Randolph needs to retire.Because he is in the wrong line of business. AND his secretary Bernadette is no better she’s just as evil as him.And to whom ever else that’s involve.God will get yall for this.

  2. Carrie Coleman says:

    This is a great judge. The attention he showed for my brother at his hearing will be with us always. Thank You Judge Martin for the heart you have for people that you can help.

  3. Ronnie says:

    Judge martin is a great judge that cares about the person he is dealing with just a great all around fair and understanding person thank you so much judge Martin.

  4. L. Polite says:

    Judge Martin gave me a fully favorable decsison. This judge took in consideration of my health as well as what the voc rehab lady had to say about my conditions. The process was smooth and he understood my past and future disabilities. He is awesome.

  5. L. Polite says:

    i was found fully favorable in 2012. This judge took in to consideration of my health aas well as what the voc rehab lady had to say. The process was smooth and he understood my current and future conditions.

  6. Columbia Rep says:

    He is awesome. Very laid-back and calm… He has a “cool” temperament and he shows compassion. And is overall fair.

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