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  1. karen barrett says:

    judge mason I’am trying to reach you youheard my case and I was denied but thats ok the file you have for me needs to be sighned off on by you to cancel your decision because I have a clark case allready opened so if you would please sighn my file please thanks.

  2. Tom says:

    Very knowledgeable and stern. Although I was very nervous sitting in front of him, he listened to what I had to say and asked questions. I believe in my heart Judge Mason treated me like a human and that is what meant the most to me. I was convinced my claim would be denied because I was so nervous and I had/have a decent claim. Judge Mason was able to see this and review the law and put his masterful touch on my claim. I am greatly proud to say to Judge Mason you are a Great Man with a load of responsibility but yet you took the time to read and review my case and listen. I salute you Judge Mason “Rangers Lead the way”.Thanks for all that you do…

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