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  1. Mark A. Drennen Sr. says:

    I had my hearing over the phone before the Honorable John R. Price on 09/16/2021 @10:45am, I was very nervous and sounded very confused and mixed up due to my anxiety and mental and medical condition, thankfully he was able to differentiate and realize what I was trying to get across and he issued a fully favorable bench decision for my case. I was very grateful. He is a fair and impartial Judge.

  2. Jessica Giles says:

    It took me 4 years to get to see the judge. On the day of my hearing 12-19-18 my daughter’s ride to school was unable to pick her up so I had to take her with me. My attorney was worried because he informed me that most judges didn’t allow children in the court room so yes I was nervous at first but when the judge told us to come in I very quickly explained what happened and he just smiled and said ok. Now as the procedure went I will say that John price was very nice and gave me enough time to give him a clear and unrushed answer.
    I filled for my phiscal disability because I have to have a full knee replacement and I need back surgery but my insurance is giving me hard time to even get these procedures done so to say I’m in pain all the time is very true. It’s been hard trying to provide for me and my daughter since my limitations have started but somehow the Lord made a way. Well my judge was very nice and polite so now it’s a waiting game yes we are praying it goes in our favor but will have to wait and see. I just want to say thank you Jude price for being nice and understanding.

  3. Ron says:

    Judge Price issued a Fully favorable bench decision for my case. I was very grateful. He is a great judge.

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