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    Just had the Supplemental Hearing which the lack of issuing a Subpoena to my Neurologist after requesting for the purpose of cross examination of the Vocational Expert who has never seen me or examined me. He stated on Record, he had never received that request prior to the Supplemental Hearing and his office signed for it Fed Ex…..Dont know what to think……. will appeal if denied.

  2. Not Important says:

    I beg to differ with the comments left on the page, Judge Lawritson was very fair to me, he reviewed my case, he explained all of the legalities to me because I had no clue of what to do and what nots, he also asked if I was being represented and I said no because I didnt know of the time frame to get a lawyer and was unaware that it was too late for me to get a lawyer until the judge (Lawritson) told me, well I felt hopeless and screwed and didnt know what to do and the judge(Lawrtison) said he would personally see to it that we get all of my records because they want to charge me for my own records….judge Lawritson assured me that he would get the records and further discuss options once he had recieved the rest of my records. I at least was given the benefit of the doubt and told that he would either make the decision himself or have me back for another hearing but that ether way for me to hang in there and he would work as fast as he was able to help me get through this whole mess, so Judge Lawritson….thank you for truly showing that you care and that you are willing to help out people who arent familiar with what to do in these cases. Keep up the good work and thank you again……

  3. frustrated says:

    Worst judge yet I’ve been denied 4 times twice by him and the appeals council keeps remanding it back to him…….. Don’t u think that means he’s missing something in my opinion he’s to old to be on the bench! Didn’t ask me anything during heading just read what last judge before him said….. Been fighting for this for almost 6 years!!!!!!!!!! Need a new judge but no the appeals council remanded it back to him AGAIN.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very fair and straight forward. Was clear in his questions but also nononsence. I think he’s a really great judge and I’m hopeful in the outcome. He also seemed very prepared and as though he had read the case prior.

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