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  1. Rhonda Michelle Sewell says:

    I had my hearing this week, June 03, 2021. I haven’t received a decision yet. Whether or not I receive benefits, I have to say the Honorable Judge Johnathan P Blucher was very kind and respectful. I had been overwhelmed with anxiety and stress so, I have no idea how my testimony went. I just wanted to say this Judge was fair and good.

  2. Edward F. Block says:

    Boucher used circular logic to discredit my specialists’ findings then he misinterpreted evidence to undermine my credibility. I met all other criteria but he opined that I was exaggerating my claim and could still do some work somewhere.

  3. Anonymous says:

    70% of his cases denied? I am sure he is proud of that and must get some type on Bonus..! #1 in San Antonio for not helping the disabled people he is there to serve under the LAW.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He is a good listener, then Play’s GOD and changes your statements to his own benefit to deny your case. SAD!

  5. Misty Coley says:

    i was a case he denied. he flat out lied as well as deleted some information. i have 4 mental illnesses and many physical illnesses. he only named depression and said i did not complete high school. that is a lie. depression is a SYMPTOM not an illness. it is a symptom of the Bipolar type 2 i suffer. and the PTSD. i also have a learning disability with numbers. discalcula. i did not complete high school. but i am sure my lack of diploma has no effect on the medical fact that i suffer many mental/physical illnesses. i was unfairly judged simply because ALL my disorders were not even mentioned in my entire file. this is NOT OKAY. and i am doing all i can to fight this abomination. it is not justice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge likes to think he knows more than doctors in all fields. Even the Pysch that he sent me to he dismissed her findings. He dismissed the findings in my ongoing chronic illnesses, mental disorders, and 3 other government agencies placing me on a perm disabled listing. He did not take into consideration that with all the Pysch doctors I had to see, both in the VA and his own, had my GAF score all over the place, knowing from my testimony and several others that they were changing my medication still trying to find the right combo, so of course my mind and thinking will be different. He also dismissed several of my medical conditions because, since the va already considers me totally disabled, the va doctors but that my illnesses were being managed. Not taking into consideration the statements of many close to me that *being managed* in the VA term was that I was heavily medicated and having to be in bed for hours several times a week making it impossible for me to gainfully employed. This judge thinks he is right and doctors are wrong on to many occasions. When he writes his final denial he leaves out much of the real problems to make his own case of knowing more than actual trained medical professionals. If you are not in a wheelchair and completely unable to speak or move around on your own, this judge will deny your case.

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