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  1. I just want to Thank You Judge Stanley for your favorable decision on my case! After fighting with Social Security for more than 4 years, having a large overpayment held over my head and my disability income being jerked back and forth, was a tremendous burden in my life! I just would like to know why Social Security is not abiding by your ruling and why they are allowed to continue withholding money from my checks? This is a never ending battle with their office. I’m so very grateful to you for helping me!

  2. Darryl Foster says:

    Very professional and to the point. Have me a favorable decision during the trial. Excellent ALJ.

  3. Ashley woodward says:

    He’s a pos an I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire, he knows all my medical history an has still denied me after years of applying an dr appointments an even having my dr sign off on my disability papers, he’s a crooked son of a bitch just like the rest of the fucken ingrates in the court system, their all for their grimy ass selves an it’s fuck everyone, well fuck you jonathan Stanley you need to eat shit an die rotten bastard

  4. WIlma says:

    This judge was very nice and considerate and treated me as a person. Hearing wasn’t an hour long like others I have been before. Thank you for treating me like a human and not a number.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Three long years of fighting thank you sir for your decision.no complaint here he was excellent

  6. Anonymous says:

    31 years of hard work then not able to work.Only to have to fight till your life and everyone in the households is in shambles. Then if you win out this alj will get personal and start picking. You or your attorney will be given no credit for testimony even when you have to take an oath. So if you have been a hard working tax paying decent citizen all of your life then this is what to expect.

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