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  1. Anonymous says:

    Having him as a judge pretty much put the nail in the coffin of my case and of my life, realistically. I cannot live much longer with the disorder I have, and I will not be living much longer. My medical documentation has made clear that this is completely disabling and there is no way I can have a normal life with this problem. I used a law firm to help me with the case, and everyone in the firm was appalled by his decision to deny my case. I had medical records from doctors in two states at some of the most prestigious hospitals (but apparently not enough for him) during the window where I had health insurance and could visit doctors regularly. With a disability, you can’t always work or afford to see doctors before the ACA allowed for everyone to have insurance. But somehow I was expected to have thousands of dollars for even MORE doctor visits to the same doctors to say MORE of the same thing? Why? I was not planning to apply for disability like so many scam artists do. I was continuing to see if I could be successfully treated and kept being told I could not be treated… only could be managed to a certain degree because this is very rare (few doctors even treat it or understand it) and very difficult to treat. Finally, I could no longer work and tried to do other things (which apparently made me look too competent – that I can go grocery shopping?) – and the clock started running out on my chance to file for disability.

    My lawyer said (and this happened) that Anglada pretends like he can’t hear you during the hearing. I have no idea why he does this but it is incredibly frustrating. In the judgement, it was so obvious he made up his mind within minutes of ending the hearing and just had his staff write the judgement that he signed. I had so many medical files supporting me, but he cherry picked the information that he was going to use to support the decision he already made to deny my benefits.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Jose Anglada

    Truly knows what he is doing compared to other Judges. . . .see for you self

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Jose Anglada is a wonderful and understanding Judge. He makes honest and fair decision with his cases. He was the Judge, for my case . . . in whish he made a great impact in my life base on the disicion that, he made on my case. . . and for that, I will be thankful as well as my family. Thank you !!!

  4. Sandra says:

    Jose . . . Thank so much for understanding my case last year . . . you would not know what a blessing it became about . . . I would always be grateful . . I am doing a little bit much better . . . Again, Thank you so very much for understanding . . . you are a great judge . . . keep up the good work!!!!
    I rate you a 100% = 10

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