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  1. John Michael Miceli says:

    Jose G. Roland said if social security ever approved my disability then he would make sure I get benefits back til 2004 when I was shot 2 times and became disabled , in 2010 I was given a favorably but the judge started it 2008 so they stole / hijacked blackmailed my past benefits and lowered my current and future benefits this is why I have no money and my checking account is overdrawn every month now 3 days ago my truck blew up , and I don’t have any money to replace it because I have been behind from 2004 I stile owe my family and friends over $50,000.00 but right now we have a hurricane and I don’t have money to even pay for fuel thanks to theft of my benefits , if I have the money they stole from me I would not have to decide which bills to pay each month , and would be able to get my teeth replaced so I can chew my food without choking all the time and then also get a reliable truck to dive instead of temporary junk like I been living with now I have no truck , i borrowed my grandfather junk truck but i don’t have enough money for fuel to leave and get back , and I may not have a place to come back to , and no insurance for 2 reasons 1st I payed my manufactured l home with loan from dad so I would not have to barrow his money and pay monthly mortgage with interest , but after I payed if off the state canceled my insurance because I don’t have a creditor to protect and they gave me a long list of things I have to have a contractor say like my roof will last 5 years , and that my structure is solid and will last and hold my roof , well no contractor will do that if they did not build it or repair it because they can’t see inside the walls and under the urethane roof , and then on top of that I cant afford insurance , so why am i made to suffer I did not and don’t want to be disabled , the 2nd judge said off the record without saying it that even though I”m disabled , and was even worse before that because I tried to work even though I kept getting hurt , that trying is the same as working , only I did not have any gainfully employment , so they blackmailed me out of my back benefits , or he will find a reason to give me an unfavorable , again and have to appeal and another 3 to 5 years to new trial and he said he will then make the same request , so long story short why don’t you keep your word and have ssd pay me from 2004 till 2008 and then fix my benefits to reflect what it should be as i had worked my hole life from age 14 , never calling in sick sometimes working 2 full time jobs at 1 time to make my own way paying in to ss and fika and taxes and even my own self employment tax , I’m not a dead beet like some of those people that you need to screen out ,so will you please help me by keeping your word to me and requesting my back benefits , I will reserve my rating of you till you get back to me as I do not know if you are aware of what had happen to me

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