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  1. Kimberly Johnston-Jennings says:

    I received my approval in the mail. Thank you for listening to me and understanding what I go through with my illness.

  2. Denise Judkins says:

    Got my approval from him on 11/25, great judge. Thanks so much <3 Just so everyone who gets him knows, he may seem distant, but he is listening, and is only interested in the medical facts.

  3. Denise Judkins says:

    Went before him yesterday, not sure what he was thinking, and as others have stated he didn’t seem interested in what anyone had to say. I do not no what my final result will be, I will come back when I find out. I just have faith that he will read through the medical evidence, and is a fair judge, and is paying attention he just hears so many of these a day that he has learned to show no emotion. I am sure he knows his job.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very cold judge. Does not seem to be inersted in the case or the claimant. Absoutely no personality what-so-ever.

  5. Warren Woeste says:

    I gave a one I did not think a 0 would be counted. He disregarded all of 3 my doctors evidence and went by the 3rd party doctor’s report and it was full of lies. My lawyer informed me of the last 9 cases he has had in front of this judge 8 have received a unfavorable decisions. My lawyer dose not take cases he doesn’t think are strong cases. If they don’t win they don’t get payed.

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