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  1. Shirley showman says:

    I saw Judge Rose yesterday and I was so scared and nervous when I went into the room but once Judge Rose started talking to me you can see he is a very fair judge he really reads your case very well and he understands when a person is lying or being sincere I poured my heart out to him yesterday and he listened to every word I was very honest to…I have been homeless now for Quite a while my mental is unstable and my leg and back kills me everyday from having degenerated disc disease…but Judge Rose I want to thank you for listening to me you made me feel it was ok to open up and share my pain with you and the reason why I need this so bad…I have faith in God and I know in my heart Judge Rose knows this is my last hope here of ever trying to have some stability in life, if I got denied I couldn’t tell you how I would feel or what I would do with myself this is really my last hope….so I’m going to pray do hard that Judge Rose really understands that by him granting me my social security will give me some faith and give me some stability in my life where I know I’ll never be homeless again..thank you Judge Rose for taking the time to hear me out yesterday I know whatever decision you make will be in my best interest cause you care about others and you want to see people ok not out here messed up…God Bless You and your family Judge Rose.

  2. Teila summers says:

    I had my hearing yesterday in front of judge rose I walked in nervous and shaking like I don’t know what after awhile of talking with the judge I felt comfortable and I begin to feel at ease. Win or lose my case he is fair he listens and he is a very nice man!!! Also I didn’t have a lawyer by my side so the questions were simple and understandable where you can understand what heis saying thanks judge rose.

  3. Diona Chandler says:

    Great and compassionate Judge. I was awarded my Disability this year and I up for review. I have faith in God that Judge Rose will rule in accordance win or loose, he made the last hurdle a compassionate one allowing to me get the care that is needed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Win or lose, he was very fair and understanding. Found him to be very competent and made me the claiment feel at ease in a stressful situation

  5. j rifenbery says:

    Very nice and considerate Judge.He tries to make you feel comfortable.Just answer best you can and be honest. He gives off a persona of caring very much.Thank you

  6. Anonymous says:

    does he appove on the record requests, before hearings ? if so how long before actual hearing ?

  7. yankees fan says:

    does he appove on the record requests, before hearings ? if so how long before actual hearing ? please submit a answer asap ? please ? just wondering because I have several herniated disks (7) including neck and took forever to get any type of treatment and was denied on application and reconsideration and practically homeless and need help financialy.And I see him in several months for hearing. Any suggestions ? I hear he is very fair though .

  8. victim of judge rose says:

    Judge Rose has allowed testimony to be entered into record in which a doctor had never seen a patient; “split hairs” with an attorney and took his aggravation out on a claiment. This is a sign its time to step down.

  9. Anonymous says:

    cute as a button

  10. Anonymous says:

    Super judge. Fair and competent.

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