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  1. JV says:

    I believe this judge is prejudiced and has decided in advance before the case how he will go on the hearing. A disability lawyer also told me she felt that was how he acted. He was responsive in the case, but that was only to receive the information he needed. Everything I said made no difference. A 55% approval rating is not very good. This judge is destroying lives and I don’t know how he lives with himself. People have gone through hell before they get to the point of coming to a hearing. His denials can place them on the verge of suicide and he does not care. Disability decisions should not be made in a court of law but among the care team of the person who knows them. It is wrong to treat sick and disabled people like criminals which is what happens. The disability system in this country is broken. This man is fueling a broken system and hurting the most vulnerable. His written response to my hearing was so vicious that it will keep me from any appeal or find any support for my condition in the future. Shame on you!

  2. Tracy A Metz says:

    This Judge has not been fair, although nice, I don’t agree with the decision in my case, n cannot deal with all this, the law is a joke, I told him,that God knows, I have been in emotional and physical pain since my accident September 9 1990…I used drug’s n alcohol to numb my pain…. Struggled with even being be alive… I was 20 years old. Injuries Head trauma,broken pelvises, broken leg,broken coller bone.internal bleeding,lacerated liver, facial re-construction, I have no recollection of the accident. I am 52 now,sober for almost 10 year’s (9-9-2011) I struggle every day with physical and emotional and mental health since the day I was told that someone else was in my accident,head on crash 1 death … I’ve relived that loss every day since I was told about it, traumatic,then suffering a Rape,5 DUI, physical abuse since I was a child, including males that molested me… I thought, suicide attempt’s, WHY….. would God allow this to happen….I honestly thought, GOD would HELP me,to prove that I’m disabled, I’ve prayed, for the pain to stop,,now I’ve failed again,to prove to some person,some JUDGE, I told him GOD knows, people that know me,know how much I just wanted to die, because of the physical and mental pain… I’ve worked,to support myself and my 3 kids,single mom,til I could no longer,tolerate the pain…oct 2017 is when I ,1st filed…I worked til Aug…Now Judge say’s…mind you,he has NEVER met me,knows what’s been wrote on paper ABOUT me, he doesn’t know what I go through every day,just to even get out of bed, say’s I’m disabled as of October 2019….like I said to him before we hung-up the PHONE,at MY TRIAL…..GOD KNOW’S….I LIVE RECOVERY AND I’M HONESTY… There’s more but I’ve taken up enough…. TIME

  3. MJ says:

    This judge was very kind.

  4. Antoinette M Weller says:

    My family and I are on the verge of homelessness. And it has been 1 month since my in person hearing no jobs hypothetically or otherwise were found for me. The judge sounded very compassionate about my situation. I truly hope the paperwork moves along so my child can have some stability in her life.

  5. N. W says:

    I have not received my decision yet and I don’t want to say my name but this man seems very compassionate and he was so polite. My decision is currently being wrote and I pray it’s correct because we are in ruff shape.
    I trust he sees my/the truth.
    This judge seems awesome! 🙂

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