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  1. Lonnie williams says:

    I’m so sad, hurt applied twice, denied the same. I’m homeless 2014 to present. I’ve lost three family members, MOM, Oldest and baby sister. My life has been difficult. My mental state is Shakey. I’ve seen people and nothing seems to work. I’ve been praying. I don’t know what’s going happen. I have so much to say, who will listen. I need help!!! As for the judge, he was doing his job. The position he hold has weight and matters. I’ve gotten closer to god dealing with this, maybe this is the point. I’ve been praying for strength daily and it seems to work. Because I haven’t took my life or anyone else’s.
    I stand in faith now! And this is a battle in itself.

  2. Nicole Jenny says:

    It’s not that he didn’t talk to me in a respectful manner, but I don’t think he understands (or wants to understand) how certain diagnoses effect people in their daily lives. I too, had lots of medical documentation, and it didn’t make one bit of difference.

    Furthermore, I would have had a nervous breakdown and not made it to the telephone hearing, even with my lawyer present, had I read these comments beforehand….there’s just no way.

    Yes, all are (unfortunately) correct when they say, Good luck….You are going to need it. This assessment is 100% true.

  3. Mr. B says:

    I want this judge Joseph Hajjar terminated by OPM, and I will be filing a civil rights complaint against this judge with OPM.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have been to court twice, and denied twice by this judge. I have once again, been remanded back to SSA court for another hearing after saying that his findings were, and I quote, “Not rational and only his opinion and not fact.” Plus many more facts they did not agree with.
    This time I will be seeing another judge. I am glad because he seemed to make his mind up from day one about me and I am still struggling and still fighting.


    He has made my life worse and I have no idea what is going to happen to me because of him. He is not a good judge, nor a good person.

  5. Annoymous says:

    This judge denied my mother who passed away and filed in 2015. It’s 2021 and we’re still fighting for her. She passed away last year and it’s absolutely ripping my sister and I apart that we have to appeal again. She had cancer, 15 major surgeries and she was 61 when she passed. This judge denied her even though they said she couldn’t complete any jobs. George Limbert denied her a month before he retired before Hajaar. My sister and I paid for her burial and her celebration of life out of pocket and I make 25K a year and my mother had very many debts. If anyone is reading this, Please pray for us that our appeal gets approved. As I read these comments, I cry thinking how much discomfort this has brought all of you. I pray for all of us that our loved ones get approved so we can finally rest. This money we were supposed to win was to go to her family who helped her while she was unemployed because of her pain, the debt she created and to put her to rest. I know COVID has made this process even longer. All good vibes going out to everyone who is going through this process.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I will be honest, if you get this judge good luck. I had tons of medical records of my disability, I had a medical source statement from my doctor stating in their opinion I could not work, even part time, I have done everything all my doctors have suggested as far as treatments and medication, including some that have extreme side effects. The VE at first said I could not go back to my old job but I could do something else. Then my lawyer mentioned my side effects with my medication and the VE said “There are no jobs”
    This judge still denied me. Seriously, everyone that knows me, including my own Doctor, doesn’t understand that at all. I think this judge decides to deny people without even listening to them.
    GOOD LUCK if you get him, you WILL need it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I saw this judge in 2016, and he denied me right away. He did not take my Doctor’s opinions or medical records into consideration. He also talked to me like I was lying in court. The VE that was there named a few jobs I could do, and my lawyer stated the case against those, and she agreed. The judge asked her for her final report and said I could do 0 jobs with my conditions. I appealed, and again was denied. But my lawyer stood by my side and took it to Federal court. After about 6 months, I received a letter saying that this judge made many many mistakes and they are remanding it back to the Alj for another hearing to see me again. The letter stated over 10 mistakes he made while we were in court. I am pretty sure I have to see the same judge again, but my lawyer states I may get someone else. I’m sure I’ll get the judge who has a 26% approval rate again. But this time, I’m seeing him over video instead of in person so he cannot intimidate me. I also have many more medical and mental conditions that are included in my medical reports. If he denies me again, I will know FOR SURE he is just doing it to do it!!!
    BEWARE IF YOU GET THIS JUDGE!!!!! I have also heard his wife is an alj as well and she denies everyone too!!

  8. Scotty C. says:

    He sounds like he has marbles in his mouth

  9. Anonymous says:

    I received my written decision by this Judge JOSEPH HAJJAR, I found so many inconsistencies with my testimony, I will appeal this decision and win but with your mistakes you didn’t take my treating physicians reports into affect my life is going to suffer. You were wrong and I’m coming for your job. You have a VE maybe he could’ve suggested that I can do your job. You call yourself a judge, just like the state examainers call there selves doctors. All you people think that your professionals in your trade. You Are the lowest form of life.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I look online today to find out this judge has denied my claim I am in heart failure, I have an ef fraction of 25% have a defibulator doctors have told my condition is only going to get worse. I have met all the “BLUE BOOK” requirements. I havent been able to work since 2015 due to my condition. I had 1 cardiologist for this condition and from a very reputable hospital in the Cleveland Clinic, he obviously didnt take anything into an account on what she put in the records. This judge is just there to deny claims. I am out of time and know where else to turn. I am homeless and another appeal is going to last over a year I wont make it. they wonder why around this time of the year so many commit suicide. So Marry Christmas to You Judge Hajjar. And good luck to any that gets this judge he is only going to deny you

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