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  1. LATOSHIA Knight TURNER says:

    Judge Brinkley was very nice during my hearing and he listened and gave me a chance to speak. Great Judge!

  2. Rain says:

    This guy is a total pos I fell from twenty feet and landed on a cement floor and broke my back in several places doctor has prescribed me a walker and cane I’m getting nerve blocker shots and will have to get surgery this guy still said I’m not disabled how can you work if you’re using a walker and cane come on for real he needs to lose his job and be homeless I’m not going to stop until he does I took up for him someone said he eats poo sandwich’s and howls at the moon I said no he stopped howling at the moon years ago

  3. anonymous says:

    He denied me and I suffer daily from depression and multiple personalities he approved all the white people I’m sure

  4. Anonymous says:

    He approved me but in the hearing he was unconcerned about my conditions and he tried to use hypotheticals to make the vr lady find me work my lawyer shut that down I figured he would deny but he wrote it up fully favorable

  5. Sam says:

    After everything i heard, i was scared. He made me feel better
    Honest fair and you cant ask for more than that from a judge.

  6. Tom Tom says:

    This judge thinks he is running a sitcom from the bench. Do everything within your power to get a different judge. He’s an imbecile.

  7. Anonymous says:

    He’s very nice, funny, and not very favorable.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Whoever left the above message should have waited until they were denied. He’s really nice, and extremely random in his decision. Impossible to tell if he will approve or deny until the decision is in writing!

  9. Jason oneal says:

    Forgot to give em his stars. Lol

  10. Jason oneal says:

    I think he was a very nice judge made sure we had went over everything and seem to be in good spirits . I just hope he give me a fully favorable. Descion for my family and i need it so bad cant work due to chronic pain and severe anxeity but he was a good judge . Thank u joeph brinkley. Jason oneal

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