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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this judge is very unfair and doesnt take in to count that you can have bad and good days. The fact that you can fuction for a hour or two a day to take care of a child or that you can go to the grocery store to get food, (even though you have to be there about 6 hours and sit down over a half dozen times, and take a pill just so you dont freak out) means that you can work and maintain a normal life. My daughter only shops where she knows that she can hide in the coolers in the stores if she has a panic attack, the same store that friends work at that can help her if she starts to have pain, or that can get to me or at least get her to her truck so she can try to get home. She dont socialize or interact with anyone other than close friends or family as to not scare people, and with all the pain and mental problems she has, the fact that she tries to still be a good mom and take as good of care of her child as she can with help from family, he says she isnt disable. I know of people that have nothhing wrong with them other than they dont want to work that get ssi/ssd. That is wrong in so many ways. So in short, in his eyes, the fact that she still tries to do right by her child and not be totally dependent on someone else for everything, shes not disable….. Thats just not right. Lets have him walk a day in her shoes and see how well he enjoys it. Mentally, and physically she has been though the ringer and has major medical problems, but like I said it seems because she still tries, she not disable and that she can still work. Trust me, I know my daughter, she has always worked very hard. Long hours and would reather work than ever ask for anyone to help her. So this is a big hit to her pride, and to be told that she is lying, well thats just wrong in so many ways…

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