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  1. Atty says:

    Currently drafting an appellate brief for one of his decisions. Claimant has severe degenerative disc disease at the L5-S1 level. This was confirmed on an X-ray performed as part of a consultative examination authorized by SSA.

    His decision, however, says that there were no more than moderate findings on imaging. He even quotes the study in his decision but OMITS the word “severe.” Oh, and he didn’t even find lumbar DDD to be a severe impairment! What a guy!

  2. Cody Cameron says:

    This judge cut me off from speaking 2 times, slandered me in the written report 3 times and twisted the doctors report to say something else and made me out to be a liar and sent me a welfare letter (with notice of language) along with his decision … This judge destroyed my case (vandalized it) twisted the facts in the written report for the administration to deny it … This was not a fair trial and the written report had insulting jokes in it … Now I’m stuck homeless for life (orange county kills)

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