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  1. Meme says:

    Still can’t stand this jerk,,,

  2. Carma says:

    Very unusual hearing,it wasn’t much about my disabilities,,thought I was being punked,,,strangest most awkward ,creepy situation with the whole hearing more like a trial ,, sure was something out of a Steven King horror movie,,,scam like,,not sure it was a real judge ,,lots of strange people in on the phone hearing,,, absolutely weird!!! Unprofessional!!!!!!!

  3. Peg says:

    Very creepy,,,,

  4. Lilly says:

    Bad one,,,, very creepy ,, weird guys here,, good luck,,he gave me the creeps ,,he is strange,non professional,,,his workers sarcastic and rude and opinionated,,

  5. Marlene Phillips says:

    Hoping Mark Rubio can get it he justice I have not been able to obtain,,,,

  6. Marlene Phillips says:

    Maybe Mark Rubio can get it he justice I’m after,,,,case pending,,,,

  7. Marilyn and the Kennedy boys! says:

    I’ve said my peace,,,,think I he clown got my message,,,,what a p,,!

  8. Marlene Known as Maryln and the Kennedy boys says:

    Disability and all work credits,,,,what’s wrong here,,,, abusive judge,,,real sicko!!

  9. Marlene says:

    Yes,,it’s been known that I have Moxy in the eye of diversity,,,,I can think clearly now withiut BHAs toxic ttempts,,bad med,,,” can’t afford a specialist” remarks,,and a lawyer in on the scam,,,needed a Nuerologist 4yrss ago,,got one now,,,possible TIA Doyle,,you and my lawyer ignored me,,,can’t you tell by phone if someone’s struggling,,?? My god,,sick people,,,that’s putting it really mildly,,,time to retire if this is what the justice system is like,,,

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