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  1. Anonymous says:

    This judge was really nice when came time for my hearing, he listened,was not harsh and treated me like a gentleman. He wanted to hear very detailed explanations about my disability which I had no problem explaining since it was the truth,if I had to go through this process again I would definitely would want him as my judge again.he delivered my decision in a timely manner

  2. Anonymous says:

    I sat before Judge Scruton several months ago and found him to be a very nice person. His questions were direct and to the point. At no time did I feel did I feel uncomfortable with Judge Scruton. His decision was deliver fairly and quickly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Same person as above…..forgot to say…. he said I was “Dr Shopping” because my practitioner was OUT one day and I needed to be seen AND; I saw another Dr at the practice so I was ‘Dr Shopping”. Now I have moved across town so since my practitioner has left town I have decided to get a Dr on the side of town I am in . Lord have mercy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge is un-empathatic. He is down near hateful. I am fully disabled but I was honest because that is how I was brought up. So get this, for instance, I put if I get ONE load of clothes washed and dried, showered and dinner done that is a ‘good’ day for me. He used THAT against me stating that if I could do those things surely I could do some form of work. SO you have to be an un moving, catatonic slug to be deemed disabled? Okeeeee. So I guess I will quit showering, wear dirty clothes and just throw dishes on top of each other like on hoarders. WHat the……??????? I am incapacitated by irritable bowel syndrome related to my fibromyalgia (which he is still stuck in the dark ages because he deemed it a ‘abstract dx’ tho I do have scans showing tangible evidence of my neck pain. My neck looks like a train wreck basically. I have compressed nerves every where. Fibro has been proved for over a decade to be REAL and when someone in his family gets affected someday because kharma works that way, he will see. THEN…..he said I could work because I flew home to California to BURY MY MOTHER. Excuse me sir for wanting to say goodbye to my Mom…. I don’t have any parents left to lose, but if I did, I would take that under advisement. Does the fact that we live in a DISABLED FRIENDLY SOCIETY mean anything. I was driven directly to my gate. I was golf carted to my connecting flight where I spent the next 3.5 hours SLEEPING. I had already TOLD HIM I SPEND at least 1/2 my night sleeping sitting straight up like, oh, I don’t know, AN AIRPLANE. Whoa that took some effort to sit in that seat and sleep. Then, with one SMALL carry on with WHEELS and my sister picking me up 30 feet from my gate, I was off to go home. Same coming back. Flying is not hard for a disabled person if you are carted to your connecting flight, allowed to board ahead (passengers with special needs)…. you would not believe the stuff he pulled out of his hat. It is appalling. My IBS has flared the last two days and I have taken 10 immodium with only mild relief. He says I can work as an assembler or inspector. WHERE? Where in this area do they have those jobs. I will tell you THEY DONT! This person had it in for me for some reason. He is not fit to be a judge. Be warned if you get him….. just tell him you cannot do ANYTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING……. you are an incapable slug. I do a bit of crafting when I feel like it. 30 mins is about the most I can do it. REMEMBER you are a slug. You can do nothing. SLUG SLUG SLUG SLUG. I have lost all belief in justice. OUR SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK. It is crap and does not work. I am disabled. PERIOD. I am in pain 24/7 and I hold no acoountability for the actions I take upon myself. I am at the lowest point I have ever been in my life.

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