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  1. Jay says:

    She listens to the VE as if they are the judge. To people that get denied by Joy file a discrimination complaint to church falls, VA. She is totally heartless, she really hates it if you are fron Detroit and had a life wirhh no oppurtunity. Most judges in the Detroit office are racist, but she is at the too. So if you are black be prepared to get denied like you are in the jim crow south.

  2. Juanita & Sebastian walton says:

    I was very nervous going into her courtroom. She understood my case more than I understood my own lol. But she’s very caring and down to earth woman. Her smile helped me calm down a lot. Thanks in advance Me Turner.

  3. GAB says:

    I really was satisfied with Judge Turner. She seemed to be a very caring person and I was really nervous going into the court room. She helped me to relax by her smiling face. Thank You Judge Turner for hearing my case today.

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