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  1. Barbara Turner says:

    I thank God for Judge Gibbs! In 2006 a close neighbor friend told me that she thought with everything I had going on I’d be eligible for Soc. Sec. Disab. I filed, turned down, filed again, turned down again, filed with a Lawyer, turned down, then he retired, turned me over to another Atty. who had been a former Soc. Sec. Judge himself and we came before Judge Gibbs, I went through the medical/psych exams and after all of my newer updated medical info. came back, she was livid. She instantly made Soc. Sec. pay me ALL of my backpay for having been denied and put me instantly on full Soc. Sec. / Medicare disab. in 11/1/09 and I’ve been on it ever since. She is my angel! I have since divorced after 33 years from a very abusive marriage, he did everything except physical abuse and mentally abused me, our two children and my Mother who lived with us, conned her out of all of her retirement then lied to the Mediator for our divorce that “I paid her all that back!” Uh, she says no he didn’t. And now I fully qualify at 62 to draw my entitled 1/2 of his SS but they informed me “He will have to be drawing it in order for you to get it so you’ll have to wait until he draws it at 65!” That is wrong and I know it is wrong. Plus I should not lose my Disability which is on MY OWN RECORD of my 40 quarters. I wish I could speak with her again and get her to intervene for me on this that I am legally entitled to my 1/2 of his SS after 33 years of marriage. B Turner, Chesterfield, VA

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand the decision. I have very limited use of my dominant hand. I’ve been through two previous surgeries, I need another surgery and my hand will still be of limited or no use. I’ve been and still am dealing with extreme depression, and insomnia. I have torn ligaments in my spine. All being supported by medical evidence. I never stated I was mentally challenged or crazy, but that I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety, which is controlled by medication. Sitting for long hours and/or standing for long hours sends my back into spasms and excruciating sharp pains. I cannot even lift a gallon of milk without experiencing severe pains in my hand and wrist, let alone maintain a beneficial job. I hope an appeal will be successful. I am very hurt, saddened, heart broken and torn.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Gibbs seems to come to her final “disabled” or “not disabled” decision first, and then work backwards to build an RFC which can justify the decision. Had several cases with her in a row, the first claimant was young and had very few physical complaints at all but she assigned a light RFC. The second case was with a 55+ year old man with significant spinal and weight bearing joint impairments and an RFC for medium… god forbid that she grid him out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Julia D. Gibbs is the most professional/ethical Judge I have ever worked with. She’s an asset to Social Security Administration

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