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  1. My name is Nathan Douglas Shaw Barteau, Julia Mariani evaluated my case. My loss at this point is not reversible, and I will not be able to recover what resulted from an error generated by Social Security that left $11,000.00 and more in my benefactors account. I did not, under her ruling, have to return the $11,000.00 (and more), none of which was mine or used by or for myself at any point in time.
    Also, I have never received any money from Social Security.
    I do not have any money, and I continue to work and pay my taxes and work to live.

  2. Anon says:

    She is a heartless Gov official. She works for them not us. She refused to accept 95% of my medical records because in are small town are main medical providers are all NA’s. The 1 piece she did accept was from a specialist i saw 1 time 350 miles away for a completely unrelated medical issue. She has taken my life. My blood is in her hands…

  3. Anonymous says:

    When my first hearing was held with the Honorable ALJ Mariani, I never felt like my voice wasn’t being heard. Although I was unsuccessful initially- my case was eventually appealed and remanded for a second hearing with ALJ Mariani. All in all, she re-evaluated every piece of evidence and accepted new critical evidence regarding my capacity and I appreciate that dearly. Her decision clearly reflected her objectivity and explained why or why not she found said evidence persuasive or unpersuasive. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciated such. Good luck.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Mariani is fair, consistent, and thoughtful.
    Judge Mariani proved to me why there is an appeal system. I truly do believe she reviewed every piece of evidence and listened to every second of my testimony. If you believe your claim deserves a second look, do not hesitate to appeal.
    I will be forever grateful for the work Judge Mariani provides. Thanks

  5. Tammy Dias says:

    Judge marini is a very nice person. I like her. She was my judge in 2017. She approved my case for me. So i thank her very much. She is a good judge.

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