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  1. Teresa Tinnel says:


    II had my hearing May 12, 2020 with Judge Heaton on the telephone because of COVID19 and I was treated so well by her. She showed actual compassion and concerns about my health issues like no one else ever had in the system. She made made it so easy for me to talk openly about what was going on in my life to cause me to file for my SSI and I felt she earnestly listened to me. No matter how she rules on my case I will always highly respect her. Thank Judge Heaton… You treated me as a real person when I needed it most.

  2. Deb Martin says:

    Judge: Juliana P Heaton

    I wanted to thank the Judge for hearing my brother’s case today. My brother told me the judge made him feel very comfortable. Thank You Judge Heaton.

    Debbie M

  3. marcia wilson says:

    My brother went before Judge Heaton Feb 02 2015.WE have been trying to get help for 5 year’s and it was like no one was listing this judge made us feel very comfortable did not make you feel like you we’re been looked down on.so glad she was the judge for my brother’s case she told us right there my brother had won his case so thankful for that there’s nothing worse than waiting and my brother had done a lot of that and I’m also thankful for the doctor that sat in on the case. Thank you so much Judge Heaton for helping my brother GOD bless you

  4. Glen Hayes says:

    Judge Heaton heard my disability case on Mar.26 2014.
    Actually on my birthday. She made me feel comfortable in her court room. She told me before we started if I needed a break or to stand and move around, it would be fine. I did have to stand up for a little while after sitting 15-20 min. She seemed genuinely interested in hearing what I had to say. She listend very close to what I said and seemed to soak up the information at hand. My attorney (Kenneth Miller) ask most all the questions. Judge Heaton only had 2 or 3 questions for me. She actually stopped my attorney before we were finished. To make her decision then and there. She didrule in my favor, whitch im grateful for. Judge Heaton seems to really care and try to understand what problems you are having. Before I left she wished me well with my health problems. And also a Happy Birthday!! Another reason she seems to be a REAL person. She sure didn’t have to do that!!

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