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  1. Barbara says:

    This Judge is a disgrace. She denied my husband and other hardworking men in my area because she lacks both intelligence and compassion. My husband has severe arthritis throughout his body from the 30 years of physical labor that he performed. The worst part about this is that she treated my husband kindly during the hearing and then stabbed him in the back with the decision. My husband is in his 50s and has worked his entire life. She has no appreciation for hard workers and she should not be employed with an agency designed to help people who are unable to work. We have heard from our neighbors and friends that they have also been denied by this judge. She’s a complete sham and doesn’t deserve your respect if you’re unlucky enough to have your case with her. We are appealing her decision and strongly recommend to anyone in the Johnstown area who has been denied by her to appeal and file a letter about her disservice to our country.

  2. Anonymous says:

    isn’t it clear from these figures that something is very wrong when one alj pays 27% and one pays 60%? the ice princesses works very hard to get promoted: her figures should please her masters in washington..

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