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  1. Willie Smith says:

    Judge CALLAHAN this injustice is over one year from April 19, 2017 and provided me two blank TAPES of my hearing on 37,646 2005-2011 that we know I never received but followed your instrucrions. I have not gotten a check since 2005.

    My local ROSEVILLE office MS. Jordan said I would be paid in 60 days without an award letter they have confirmed three open CASES. OFFICE of General counsel region 5 Steve Frank CALLED me in 60 days apologize like you and staff has done and said you will be paid in more like 90 days.

    Then the Chicago payment center said my case was in the module unit with CLAIM rep t. King. I SPOKE TO HER she said she were counting up the years to pay me. My local office sent me a letter asking me come in Dec 27, 2017 to see mr. Mixum asking me to bring your PAYEE but when I arrive he brought up a false DEBT THAT been waived twice.

    Where is my Award LETTER?

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