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  1. Amanda says:

    I had a hearing with Judge K Barlow yesterday. In my personal opinion she was very knowleable, and she listened to all my medical issues. She also is very much by the book. You must prove with medical evidence that you’re disabled. But from my personal opinion she was a fair judge and treated me with respect, as did I to her.

  2. Tee Edwards says:

    Judge Barlow is a ***** who base your case on her own opinion. If she has a bad morning she brings it in the court room with her take it out on claimants. She really is a mean nasty unfair judge who deserve her zero stars and a vacation from human race. I dislike her and she needs another profession that she likes and not torcher humans that stand before her. What a *****.

  3. Tee Edwards says:

    I had a hearing with Judge Barlow today. She seemed upset when came into the room at her end of the video. I just Pray that doesn’t affect her decision on my case. She seemed as if she covered all MEDICAL that was remanded appeal to cover. I Pray she finds me disabled (based on medical evidence) and honor a favorable decision. Overall, she was good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is very important, to have your Primary Care Provider to complete the Residual Functional Capacity(RFC) forms for you. The Judge needs evidence of your total impairment(s) and limitations. The Judge must adhere to the federal guidelines. Your work history will speak for you. If you are 55 or older, and have the appropriate medical evidence and your documents are well organized by you or your representative, this is a plus. Answer all questions honestly, and make sure your paper work is up-to-date. Be prepared to answer questions concerning your Daily Activities. Visit youtube.com and search for “Social Security Disability Hearings”, the videos are very helpful. The Lawyers provides helpful information. My hearing took 8 minutes, I received a favorable bench decision. Thank God

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge Barlow adheres to regulations and respects the medical evidence that is presented. She is very knowledgeable and she treats claimant with respect.

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