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  1. Alexandra S. says:

    Judge Grissom is a fair judge that displays integrity and upholds justice.

  2. Edwin A. Anderson says:

    I have appeared in front of Judge Grissom many times. He is tough, but fair. He knows the rules. I think he appreciates it when the lawyer is prepared and has met with the client before court. Edwin A. Anderson of Cannon & Anderson, Attorneys. (865) 522-9000.

  3. Anonymous says:

    great judge –very patient and listens to the claimant–found him to be very fair

  4. Anonymous says:

    THIS judge does not listen to anything you said and when you do talk he acts like your wasting his time if you go before this judge you will be denied he makes his on laws dont go by the laws to me he is worthless

  5. Eric S. says:

    This judge was professional and has a sense of humor. Why they call him “Grumpy” I do not know. He knows his job and the law well…

  6. Anonymous says:

    These statistics are flawed in the percentages presented. They all are flawed on this site.

    The only numbers that reflect the true behavior of an ALJ are his or her decisions on the merits. ALJ Grissom had 213 determination on the merits of the claims. (Subtract the dismissals.) 122/213 = 57% approval rate, 43% denial rate. He is about an average ALJ in his approval rates vis a vis the national average.

    Comment by an experienced advocate who has appeared in front of scores of ALJs in decades of client representation.

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