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  1. Ernie Wilson says:

    RE; Judge K. Kwon – I was heard by Judge Kwon regarding an alleged overpayment of over $48,000.00, and she actually went FAR beyond just hearing the case and examining my submissions. She took the time to REASEARCH why the alleged overpayment was decided in the first place….. over 20 YEARS ago!!

    She actually looked far back in time (1995 – 2002) and found that previous key ALJ Hearing documents were missing (I know why, that previous ALJ, Judge Fong, was a hostile judge, and refused me to speak for myself), and so with no documentation regarding WHY the alleged overpayment happened, and/or if it was justified by evidence, she found that I was never “overpaid” and that I am not liable. “The initial burden of establishing the existence and amount of an alleged overpayment is on the SSA.”.

    She treated me as a judge should. She listen to me very carefully and allowed me (representing myself) an openness I have not experienced since the first ALJ who approved me for benefits is 1998 (with retrocative to 1995).
    It was a wonderful Hearing with Judge Kwon, and her integrity in doing the right thing, going far back to research the CAUSE, was simply amazing.
    To say she was a fair judge is a huge understatement.
    Her personal legal assistant Chelsea is also amazing….. and was a HUGE help in just giving me an ear to voice my concerns with no personal judgment. She helped me get through this and my appreciation is infinite.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Claimants can file a form about Unfair Treatment by an Admin. Law Judge. Do it!

    Form SSA EN-05-10071 – Unfair treatment by Admin Law Judge

  3. Brenda says:

    What a terrible hearing. judge kwon didn’t have my records at hand during the hearing… but she just made me feel ashamed in the way that she spoke to me… even though I have had some very serious health issues in which it has been impossible to work. In some ways, I wish I hadn’t even gone to the hearing, the stress and heartache afterwards was terrible. Seeing other review here about her, I hope that she gets served about her disposition…. you can do that job without destroying people who already are suffering enough

  4. annonymous says:

    Judge Kwon was awful…. she made me feel like I was lying… I just cried and cried after the hearing. I have to say the hearing I had with her was one of the worst experiences of my life…

  5. Anonymous says:

    She was nice, easy to talk to and gave me my decision right there that day. She didnt make me wait like I thought and granted my case! I didn’t know judges did that. I was so surprised and so relieved after being so nervous and waiting for so long. I am so relieved and glad it’s finally over. Thank you for not making me wait one more day.

  6. Clay says:

    K Kwon made me feel shamefull and embarrassed appying for Social Security. My Dr. said I was disabled and removed me from work, but a judge knows best. I was truthfull and honest in discribing my health condition but she says I’m not credible.

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