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  1. Anonymous says:

    Word is she is retiring.

  2. P Davis says:

    May 09, 2016

    She is freakin awful!!!!! I am so disgusted!!!!!

    HEARING DATE: February 10, 2016

    May 09, 2016: Still no decision has been made.

    1. She conducted my entire hearing without having acccess to review my treating physicians medical records or supporting documentation.

    2. She waited until the end of the hearing to informed me that my medical records were not in my eletronic file.

    3. Actually that was not true. My medical records were in the file, she just failed to search my file properly.

    4. How could she have given me a fair hearing when she never reviewed any of my medical records or supporting documentation?

    5. She just basically asked me gerneric questions but nothing pertaining to my disability claim.

    6. No decision has been made yet, What should I do at this point?

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