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  1. Yiesa Jones says:

    This judge is a joke and a liar and I hope she’s aware of how easy she can be located!! She’s a pitiful bitch making over $162.000 a yr while denying those in need as well as lying about facts. I was denied because I was clean and cooperative . Fuck you Karen you lil shit. How’s that for crazy…I’m sure your husband sucks dick on the weekends you cunt

  2. Amy L Lemasters says:

    How do I contact the judge

  3. Steven M Dunn says:

    My case was before you on November 16,2015. You was not fair on my case, you didn’t look at the medical evidence, all you worried about was what the doctors said about me. I guess you like a bunch of gossip, Perhaps you spread it around yourself.

  4. J. Grimm says:

    Much thanks to Judge Kostol for her help and patience at my hearing. She asked
    very good questions and gave me many opportunities to comment. I was pleasantly pleased….after reading many generally negative comments about the process in general. She was thorough in her explanations and handled the case very well……..Thank You, whatever the outcome!

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