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  1. Lola Logan says:

    Hello my name is Lola Logan i had my hearing on 4/6/2017.
    I was please to have Judge Karen Wedemann. She was very nice and also understanding if i had to go before another judge i would much rather perfer Judge Karen Wedemann. And i know she approve me i felt it in my heart cause she understand.

  2. Brent M. says:

    I recently appeared before the Honorable Judge Wiedemann. I was very tense and nervous, and she made me very comfortable and at ease. She was very thorough and concise and never at one point was I confused or did I feel out of place. Her demeanor was mother-like and she paid all her attention to me in a very professional way as well. I was very lucky to have gotten her as my judge regardless of the decision rendered.

  3. jessica I says:

    I love her she is very sweet and patient with her client……I would go back to her any day

  4. Anonymous says:

    My clients were in El Paso ODAR and ALJ did hearings via video. I had heard horror stories about bad tempers of some LA ALJs, so I was pretty nervous, but I was pleasantly surprised. ALJ Wiedemann is very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. She really goes out of her way to put nervous claimants and attys at ease, and I have no doubt that she will render a fair, expeditious decision in my clients’ cases.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very professional. Wish more of the ALJs I see when representing clients were like her–businesslike, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly in a professional way. She made sure the client knew what was going on, made him the focal point of the whole process. Whether she rules in our favor or not, I believe her decision will be honest and that she made certain to get all the information necessary during the hearing.

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