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  1. Trial Lawyer says:

    Judge Alexander is a very fair and thoughtful jurist. I vey much enjoy appearing before him, he is kind to counsel and the parties and his decisions are well reasoned. It is amazing that such a knowledgeable and fair Judge works in the same office as the intolerable Judge Nikki Hall.

  2. mom says:

    terrible just in it for the money and a racists at that just look at his facebook

  3. Anonymous says:

    My kid forced though special classes then special schools then needs a doc and phy in every class then turns 18 and gets cut off of SSD ? WTH ? and this is the Self rightist , Hypocritical judge that did it . if it wasen’t for me the kid would be homeless but not that daddy’s little ( very little ) rich boy cares about others just look at his record .

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