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  1. Anonymous says:

    Horrible judge. Just got my denial letter after suffering severe and permanent physical and psychological injuries. * **** **** ***** ***** ** ****. I may lose my apartment because of her decision.

  2. Christian Paul Klei says:

    If zero stars was an option I’d do it. She ignored blatant facts and seemed like she didnt want to give me the time of day. I didnt see her as a bigot but my hearing denial and unfavorable decision makes me question that assessment. Her reasons were based of of lies told by an agency. Sad indeed. I seriously hope she isn’t. Its 2019 and it’s a shame people still think this way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Had my hearing before Judge Edgell in May 2017. I was extremely nervous about the whole situation. She was very comforting and professional. Her questions pertained to my illnesses and prior work history. I left the hearing feeling that my opinions and concerns were listened to. Got my fully favorable decision in the mail yesterday. Very fair Judge. Thank you

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