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  1. Nancy Schmidt says:

    I was wondering if Judge Jecklin is still an ALJ in St. Louis?

  2. Cornell says:

    I believe she has no empathy for people, my life is changed from my injury. I’m a young person, I worked 40 plus hours a week. I worked hard labor jobs, did double shifts, ran 4 miles a week. Now I can barely walk, if I felt I was able to work in this condition for the rest of my life I would’ve never spent 3 years going to the doctor multiple times a week, going to physical therapy, not working if I was not disabled. I’m a young guy there’s no way I’ll waste my time not working and being social. I worked for my ssdi since I was 17 I’m house to house because a judge on a high horse says I’m able to work enough to provide housing, clothes, and food for myself in this condition.

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