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  1. K robs says:

    What qualifications/credentials does an administrative law judge have in order to determine what a licensed and legit physician already deemed disabled according to the social security disability guidelines? Why does the program waste the already threatened ssa funds to pay an administrative judges salary when a qualified physician has already certified an individual disabled and unable to perform his or her current or previous job due to impairments. This process makes no sense and would simplify the process a lot more for both ssa employees and applicants but cutting out the admin law judge, and requiring a medical certification straight from a qualified physician. Rather than collecting all medical records and making assumptions or determinations on a medical disability when the admin law judges have no medical background or any experience regarding fit for duty physicals or the individuals’ companies’ expectations or standards to successfully perform the claimants’ job duties. It seems like a obtaining a detailed medical certification performed by a verifiable physician should be sufficient in order for qualified individuals to obtain benefits.

  2. The law states if you are injured and have any metal Parts replaced if you are a commercial driver you are so I automatically get your Social Security I have been fighting this since 2019 Sackett and Associates wanted me to sit and lie and say I have a mental problem I have had my eyeballs replace my knees replaced my colon replace my vertebrae is replaced in my back and you still think I can work the law states I can’t Kelly Easter Grant along with other AC Transit bus drivers who 90% of the drivers do not obtain a commercial license nor P endorsement or playing games with my life you have made me homeless including back and spine surgery Kaiser Permanente is in on it too

  3. AC Transit Kelly Easter Grand among other people that is on my restraining order for life answer the commercial law for p endorsement if you have any surgery done and any bones are removed with metal parts that you are automatically to get SSDI Kaiser Permanente as well as far as well as AC Transit is playing games with my money I’ve been disabled all my life and my Social Security shouldn’t have never been turned off from the beginning you have made me homeless now once but twice now waiting on a decision

  4. Bay Area Rep says:

    Unprofessional and rude. Wears crocs and tacky clothes to hearings. She hates the sight of any woman who looks better than her. She has the nerve to criticize people’s weight when they are barely overweight. She could lose some weight herself. She really needs to go… She has an ugly personality but it’s not surprising, she presents herself like a stereotypical pathetic looking government employee.

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