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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with the above statements. Regardless of the decision Judge Weatherly made, she listened to my statement, read my medical records, corrected my own attorneys mistakes, and treated me with respect. That was the FIRST and only time anyone affiliated with SSA has done so in 5 years. She then left her own personal feelings out of the decision making process and simply did her job, which was applying the facts of the case, to law. It should be such an easy and assumed disposition for judges since they are bound to uphold the law and to have morals and integrity. Sadly, that is often not the case. And even though she made her decision based on physical disabilities alone (we did not even get into the mental disabilities) during the hearing, the administrative office “writers” all decided to take vacation at the same time and turned what should have been a 2 week turn around due to emergent situations, into a total shit show. They denied, delayed, ignored, avoided, and caused further irreparable harm to myself and my children. Thank you Eugene staff for thoroughly screwing up your task at hand…the job you are paid to do. And thank you Salem staff for discriminating against me and lying, because you reinforced my discrimination and harassment (because they input their emotions into their job performance) case against you when you retaliated and made a false report. We will see each other soon in court.

  2. Chris Landau says:

    I deeply appreciate the help that ALJ Katherine Weatherly has given to helping the case for my wife. She read the medical history and approved the case. Thank you again. It has been more than a year from first submitting the claim.

  3. Mark jackson says:

    I felt that your honor listened very attentive to my case my doctors notes, and I felt like after 2 years I was finally being treated with respect, and true interest in my case. I feel my hearing went very well and hope to get a decision soon. Judge Weatherly was very good at asking informed questions and getting to the root of my problems quickly. I am very happy with her court manner and look forward to a decision. Good or bad, accepted or not. I like your honor and am pleased with the way my case was handled in a very stressful environment. Amazing and a great relief after such a long battle.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ignored physician statements
    Left out key details during hypothetical
    Proceeded to then ignore said key details after they were brought to light by lawyer
    Mind appeared set before hearing even began

  5. Anonymous says:

    Best judge ever!!

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